Façades and Multi-Storey Parking Garages - Inspection (Bill 122)

Can-Explore inspects the façades of buildings of five (5) storeys or more, and also multi-storey garages, according to the requirements of Bill 122. Our team of engineers and technicians combines conventional inspection methods with state-of-the-art technologies to provide a clear and accurate diagnosis of the condition of a façade or multi-storey garage. This engineering expertise means we can offer a turnkey or customized service according to need. 

State-of-the-art technologies

High-precision reports

Identification of hazardous areas

Façade Inspection

Under Bill 122, each of the façades in question is put through a general inspection and then a comprehensive one.

The general inspection serves to identify areas of interests where further investigation is necessary. In this first inspection phase, a drone is used for a high-definition photo survey, which is then analyzed by an engineer. When required, we do a deformation and verticality assessment using a high-precision 3D survey.

Once the general inspection is completed and areas of interest are identified by the supervising professional, we conduct destructive tests on the façade in question and tactile anchoring tests along with corrective action in areas where dangerous conditions have been found.

Multi-Storey Garage Inspection

An in-depth inspection of multi-storey garage must be conducted every five (5) years or earlier if, following an event, the garage structure may have been compromised. Our team conducts a rigorous inspection with the best tools to determine if there are any defects.

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