Inspection of Facades - Bill 122

Inspection of Facades – Bill 122

Bill 122 involves, among other things, inspecting the facades of buildings with five (5) storeys or more. In addition to traditional inspection methods, Can-Explore’s team of engineers and technicians have the skills to use state-of-the-art technologies to provide a clear and accurate diagnosis of a facade’s condition. This engineering expertise means we can offer a turnkey service to clients or a technical service for architectural and engineering firms.

General inspection

Under Bill 122, each of the facades in question is put through a general inspection to better identify areas where further investigation is required. The technologies proposed by Can-Explore in this first inspection phase are:

  • High-definition photo survey using a drone and analysis by an engineer;
  • Creation of an orthophoto of the facade;
  • Deformation and verticality assessment using a high-precision 3D survey.

Detailed inspection

Once the general inspection is completed and areas of interest are identified by the supervising professional, the main tests conducted on the facades are:

  • Destructive tests on the facade in question;
  • Tactile anchoring tests;
  • Intervention in areas where dangerous conditions were observed.


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Bill 122
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