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Stockpiles measurement

Can-Explore can accurately evaluate the volume of piles of materials such as sand, crushed rock, backfill material, etc. by flying over the area with a drone.

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3D Modelling

3D modelling makes it possible to get geometric details of various elements that can serve various purposes, for instance inspecting or taking precise measurements, such as an area, a volume or vector length between two points.

Structural Movement Monitoring

Monitoring structural movements is one of the investigative methods mastered by Can-Explore’s team. It consists of implementing points of reference at predetermined strategic locations where movement is possible and suspected.

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Worksite Monitoring with a Drone

By sending out the best type of drone for the survey work at hand, Can-Explore is able to monitor changes at a worksite via the web application.


Bathymetry consists of using sonar to conduct a 3D survey of a submerged element. For Can-Explore, this method is a first key step in investigating a submerged structure.

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