Camera Inspection

Camera Inspection

Camera Inspection | Our engineering team proposes the best solutions to meet the project’s needs. The number one objective in all Can-Explore’s projects is to effectively collect data, process it accurately and promptly deliver the inspection report.

In addition, Can-Explore inspects sewer systems after installation or repair work. These inspections are certified according to the Pipeline Assessment and Certification Program (PACP) and therefore comply with standards established by the Bureau de normalisation du Québec (BNQ).


  • BNQ 1809-300
  • BNQ 3680-125

All reports produced by Can-Explore after the inspection work meet recognized standards. These reports give an accurate picture of the operational and structural conditions of the sewer system and serve to make recommendations for corrective work. Can-Explore uses CTSpec to prepare its reports and meet all industry standards.

The camera equipment we use to inspect and diagnose sanitary and storm water systems includes:

  • Pan and tilt camera (diameter > 100 mm);
  • Zoom camera;
  • Drain camera (diameter from 50 mm to 200 mm).
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Standards for cameras
Extract of:
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Devis normalisé technique
BNQ 3680-125/2013 | Inspection télévisée des conduites et regards d’égout

  • Be designed for pipe and manhole inspections;
  • capture the colors;
  • digital zoom allowing a magnification of 312 x, including magnification of the optical zoom;
  • motorized multidirectional panoramic scanner;
  • telephoto lens and a 360 ° multi-directional control device, allowing visualization of the entire
  • periphery of pipes and manholes;
  • allow the inspection of a sewer pipe with an inside diameter of 200 mm;
  • integrated lighting system not exceeding the diameter of the sewer line to be inspected, allowing a clear image to be captured at the maximum power of the optical zoom;
  • viewing capacity of 25 meters in a sewer pipe with an inside diameter of 250 mm;
  • resolution equal to or greater than 420 lines.

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Post-flooding inspection of sanitary and storm water sewers

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