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We are proud to present
our new web application!

Web App | Through an intuitive user experience, the Can-Explore web application completely redesigns how to manage and maintain your various infrastructures.

You can now view your structures, quarries and other infrastructure directly from your computer. Custom reports generation also allows users to access and download their inspection reports from anywhere on any device.

The “Surveys” section is the first feature to be revealed to users. Quarries managers can follow the evolution of their stockpiles volumes through the various photogrammetric surveys carried out by drone. It is also possible to add your own load factor so that you can see the different corrected volumes of your stockpiles. The volumetric survey section of the application also allows you to browse your quarries and work sites interactively in order to download various relevant reports and graphs.

Thanks to this new platform, Can-Explore customers now have access to all their inspection and survey information through a safe and accessible environment. Stay tuned for new features release coming soon!
The application is available at this address for registered users!

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