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Can-Explore is constantly innovating! For the municipal sector, our state-of-the-art technologies and guidance when it comes to a “smart city” represent a remarkable advantage. We are aware of the challenges facing cities and municipalities and we are able to offer services rarely seen elsewhere which greatly facilitate their inspection work and infrastructure overview.


For a sector as vast as that of construction and the multiple challenges it presents, Can-Explore combines a wide range of services with the use of advanced equipment to offer the best possible solutions. Our expertise helps contractors carry out work in an efficient and sustainable way. We have the expertise to work on large-scale projects.


Can-Explore’s multidisciplinary team along with its mobile equipment represent remarkable assets for mining businesses. Since our team is able to get to hard-to-reach areas, we are the key to better results. Our advanced technologies help us get reliable, objective and accurate data.


With Can-Explore, the building sector is in good hands! Our expertise combined with innovative technologies enable us to offer a range of advanced services to effectively meet the challenges of companies in this sector. From meticulous inspections to various ad hoc studies, our involvement helps optimize servicing and maintenance work.



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