• Our team is deployed mainly in the provinces of Quebec and Ontario, Canada. We offer our services outside of these territories, subject to travel costs.

  • We regularly work on pilot projects. Our research and development team uses and develops new technologies to meet our clients’ challenges in the field of data collection for asset management.


  • Prices for our products are available upon request only. Contact us here.

  • Can-Ex Technologies :

    Our products are designed to meet the NASSCO standard (National Association of Sewer Service Companies), accepted in North America.

    Tensio :

    The Tensio system can be installed in all parts of the world where snow roof management is an issue.


  • Our head office is located in Quebec City at 290-875, boul. Charest Ouest.

    We also have a location in Mirabel, at 18146 rue J.A Bombardier.

    Several members of our team are stationed permanently or temporarily at other locations in Quebec or Ontario.

    Please note that the locations associated with our job offers are always displayed in the job descriptions.

  • Our constantly growing team has nearly 100 employees.

  • Our employees who have completed their three-month probation period are eligible for our group insurance:

    • Group insurance
    • Medication;
    • Dental;
    • Travel;
    • Salary;
    • Life;
    • Coverage for a wide range of medical and paramedical care such as: Hospitalization, eye exams, psychological assistance, massage therapy, physiotherapy.

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