Drinking Water Reservoirs - Inspection and Cleaning

The inspection and cleaning of drinking water reservoirs while they stay operational. Can-Explore’s team uses the most recent technologies to inspect all types of operational drinking water reservoirs in a safe and optimum way.

Top quality equipment and methods

Reservoir remains operational at all times

Use of disinfected material

Drinking Water Reservoir Inspection

A reservoir inspection consists of a general assessment of the reservoir’s side walls and various components, such as the roof, ladder, suction line, manhole and overflow line among other things. The inspection also includes evaluating the quantity of deposits at the bottom of the reservoir. The inspection is conducted in an operational reservoir and preferably full and in no way requires it to be partially or completely emptied.

Drinking Water Reservoir Cleaning

As with the inspection methods, the cleaning method avoids having to enter a confined space and any disruption of service. The water supply is not interrupted and water can be used normally throughout the cleaning operation. This means the reservoir remains 100% operational despite the fact it is being cleaned safely. The material used is fully disinfected so it does not interfere with reservoir operations.

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