Sewer System - Detection of Cross-Connections

Our team at Can-Explore can detect cross connections. A cross connection is a connection between pipes, or a malfunction, which may cause the transfer of wastewater from residential, industrial or institutional activities into a storm water system or any other natural receiving environment without being treated. These connections interfere with commitment 37 of Québec’s Water Policy, which seeks to eliminate wastewater discharges in dry weather.  

Inspection and Specific Sampling

Effective Location Technology

Appropriate and Safe Corrective Action

Finding the Source of the Problem

Most cross connections result from a service connection to the storm water system instead of the sanitary sewer system. There are also other sources of cross connections, such as those caused by a plumbing error inside a building, or those caused by leaks or spills from a residential sewer system, which end up in the storm water system or a natural receiving environment.

Our Work

Our team at Can-Explore’s investigates as follows to correct a cross connection problem.

  • Inspection and sampling of outlets in dry weather;
  • Inspection and sampling of manholes upstream of contaminated outlets in dry weather;
  • Dye testing:  Performance of dye tests in residences suspected of being improperly connected;
  • Location of cross connections using a CCTV camera;
  • Correction of cross connections.

To confirm there is a cross connection, the faulty building must be connected by or sanitary sewer system or a combined sewer. Some exceptions apply in the case of overflow structures described in the Guide de méthodologique pour la recherche et l’élimination des raccordements inversés dans les réseaux de collecte des eaux usées municipales (guide to find and eliminate cross connections in municipal wastewater collection systems).

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