Thermography enables us to inspect a building, its components, or pieces of equipment in a non-intrusive manner. Since a thermal camera can detect temperature differences of as little as one tenth of a degree, it is the ideal tool to find anomalies before they become serious problems.

Seeing the “invisible” with thermography

A thermal inspection can yield very surprising results. Here are a few real cases of water infiltration, moisture problems and heat loss observed by our inspection team:

Why use thermography?

  • You suspect defects not visible to the naked eye, such as insulation or moisture problems, water infiltration, etc.
  • You would like a preventive inspection of your equipment to avoid service interruptions.
  • You want to lower your energy costs.
  • A thermographic inspection was recommended during your last façade inspection.
  • The comfort and health of users are important to you; insulation problems can result in significant heat loss, in addition to condensation build-up that can cause mold.
  • Before purchasing a building, you want to have a good idea of its energy consumption.

You are experiencing one or more of these situations?

Advantages of thermography carried out by Can-Explore

  • Exceptional service provided by an engineer with thermography certification.
  • A customized report based on your needs: We can produce a summary report or a comprehensive report of anomalies, including associated causes and solutions, along with plans and specifications if necessary.
  • Detailed report, signed by an engineer.
  • Integrated service: Guidance for interpreting the report and implementing recommended measures.
  • Use of latest thermographic camera technologies and drones to inspect elements that are high, hard to reach or located in a hazardous environment.

Above: Thermal imaging of a roof taken by a drone.

Industries that can benefit from thermal inspection:

Seniors’ residences

Distribution centres

Office buildings
Shopping centres

Sports centres

Inspected elements:


Electrical rooms


Stationary machinery

Mechanical rooms

Mobile equipment

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