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Building Inspection | Bill 122

Bill 122 of the Régie du bâtiment du Québec introduced significant changes in the field of construction and building safety in Quebec. Adopted in 2013, this law requires owners of buildings with five or more stories to inspect their facades every five years. Tiered parking structures are also subject to mandatory inspections at established intervals. At Can-Explore, we are here to help you comply with these requirements and ensure the safety of your structures.

What is Bill 122? 

Bill 122 aims to ensure the safety of buildings and infrastructures by requiring regular inspections to detect any signs of damage, deterioration, or risks to public safety.

Facades must be inspected ten years after the building’s construction, and then every five years thereafter. Tiered parking structures must also undergo thorough inspections 12 to 18 months after construction, and every five years thereafter.

To find out more about Bill 122, read our blog post on the topic.


How Can Can-Explore Help You Comply with Bill 122?

At Can-Explore, we offer professional inspection services to ensure compliance with the Building Safety Code. Our team of experienced engineers uses a combination of advanced technologies and specialized techniques to conduct rigorous and precise inspections.

We begin with a general inspection, often using drones, which allows us to reach difficult-to-access areas without disrupting your operations. Then, we perform a detailed inspection using specialized methods to thoroughly assess the condition of your facades and tiered parking structures.

Our team of certified engineers has the expertise necessary to provide high-quality services and recommendations for the maintenance of your structures and estimates for any potential work. To simplify the entire process, the certification of reports provided to clients can be done in-house, avoiding the need for an external firm.

Our tools allow us to offer an optimized service, with a focus on saving time and costs. We are committed to providing you with personalized and comprehensive support, from planning to the execution of the work.


Our Building and Parking Inspection Services

  • General and detailed inspection of facades and tiered parking structures
  • Detailed reports with targeted intervention recommendations and estimates
  • Condition management during the inspection
  • Management of requests for bids from subcontractors and repair and/or construction work, thanks to our R.B.Q. license
  • Personalized support throughout the entire process
  • Accompagnement personnalisé tout au long du processus 

Contact Us for Your Facade or Parking Inspection

Don’t leave compliance with Bill 122 to chance. Contact Can-Explore today to schedule your next inspection and ensure the safety of your buildings and infrastructures.


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