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With Can-Explore, the building sector is in good hands! Our expertise combined with innovative technologies enable us to offer a range of advanced services to effectively meet the challenges of companies in this sector. From meticulous inspections to various ad hoc studies, our involvement helps optimize servicing and maintenance work.

The building world is constantly evolving, just like us! Today we talk about connected or smart buildings that have the considerable advantage of getting, in real time, a building health status report. Using advanced technologies, it is possible to get accurate data continuously. It is therefore much easier to monitor building defects or deterioration. Our team has the expertise and knowledge to inspect, analyze and diagnose a building. Whether structure design, façade inspection, deformation study, load-bearing capacity, structural movement monitoring or legal expertise, we are there to help you keep an eye on your buildings.

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Cominar, Groupe Mach, Atelier Pierre Thibault, Ivanhoé Cambridge, Université Laval

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