Volume Measurement (Conventional and with a Drone)

Can-Explore uses various volume measurement methods to accurately evaluate stockpile volumes, such as those of sand, crushed rock, backfill material, etc. The collected information can be used, among other things, to better plan a construction project and manage quarry inventories.

Precise volume evaluation

Specialized software and drones

GPS station and total station (TS)

Volume Measurement with a Drone | UAVs (Unmanned Air Vehicles)

Aerial survey data (drone) collected by Can-Explore make it possible to accurately evaluate the volume of materials entering or leaving the site, therefore ensuring that production work is rigorously monitored. With the help of specialized software and drones operated by certified pilots, we are able to deliver volumetric reports, 3D models and high-resolution orthophotos.

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An app that simplifies your life

With Can-Explore’s web application, quarry managers can track changes in material volumes using the different photogrammetry surveys done by a drone. It is also possible for managers to add their own swelling coefficients to visualize a pile’s corrected volume. The volumetric survey section in the application also allows users to interactively view quarries and worksites in order to download various relevant reports and charts.

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Conventional Volume Measurement

When using a drone is not the best option, Can-Explore is able to take measurements with the GPS station and total station.

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