Data Management and Structure

Structuring data consists in centralizing information related to your infrastructure within a Geographical Information System (GIS). Once the data are structured, general infrastructure data along with their structural and functional condition become available from anywhere.

Water Supply System – Inspection and Assessment

Can-Explore is the only company in Québec, in partnership with Echologics (Mueller), to use a non-intrusive technology to assess water supply systems. This technology is the sector’s leading solution when it comes to inspecting the structural condition of drinking water supply pipes and mains while simultaneously checking for leaks.

Sewer System – Inspection

The technologies used by Can-Explore to inspect sewer systems enable it to detect, quantify and qualify anomalies (signs of deterioration). Our comprehensive report will provide you with a clear picture of the system’s condition, by showing cracks, deformations, obstructions and other elements that could prevent the pipes from working properly.

Electrical Network – Inspection

Can-Explore’s team provides inspection services for underground electrical networks. With the help of advanced technological equipment that can capture three-dimensional data and pan 360 degrees, Can-Explore is able to take high-quality images and produce 3D models of the electrical network that needs to be inspected.

Explosive Environments – Inspection

Inspections in explosive environments require both expertise and the proper equipment. For your inspection needs, whether pre- or post mandate, in a potentially explosive environment such as engineered landfill or oil industry sites, Can-Explore will provide a comprehensive report with qualitative and quantitative information that meets all requirements of engineering firms.

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