Water Supply System - Inspection and Assessment

Can-Explore is the only company in Québec, in partnership with Echologics (Mueller), to use a non-intrusive technology to assess water supply systems. This technology is the sector’s leading solution when it comes to inspecting the structural condition of drinking water supply pipes and mains while simultaneously checking for leaks.

Technology that works, even in winter

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Our Work

Our team at Can-Explore can inspect and assess water systems without disrupting the drinking water distribution service being examined. The results of our work give you a clear idea of the system’s condition and allow you to optimize its performance by planning maintenance and repairs more efficiently. 

Our inspection method can be used on water mains ranging from 100 mm to 1800 mm in diameter. The range of diameters can, however, vary depending on the assessed infrastructure’s characteristics. The method can be used on different types of water pipe materials, such as pre-stressed concrete cylinder pipe (PCCP), reinforced concrete, ductile cast iron, gray cast iron, steel and asbestos cement.

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How the technology works

Inspection | Assessment of Water Distribution Systems

Industry Leader

Can-Explore is proud to have been chosen by Echologics (Mueller) to operate the ePulse technology in Québec. Echologics representatives, who were responsible for finding a Québec company to partner with, determined that Can-Explore was technologically the most advanced in its field. This has led to an agreement between the two companies.

Can-Explore representatives would like to thank Echologics (Mueller) (Mueller) for its trust. This new partnership enables Can-Explore to position itself, once again, as an industry leader, and continue to propose the most innovative solutions.

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