Electrical Network Inspection

Can-Explore’s team provides inspection services for underground electrical networks. With the help of advanced technological equipment that can capture three-dimensional data and pan 360 degrees, Can-Explore is able to take high-quality images and produce 3D models of the electrical network that needs to be inspected.

360-degree and 3D imagery

State-of-the-art equipment

Safe and efficient inspection

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With state-of-the art equipment, Can-Explore is able to provide clear images of the underground electrical network infrastructure, namely by 3D modelling and 360-degree imagery. It is therefore possible to safely detect any structural defect and plan the required corrective action. 

For a comprehensive picture of an underground electrical network, both in quantitative and qualitative terms, the technologies used by Can-Explore allow it to meticulously collect data that allow its professionals to produce an accurate and complete report tailored to meet the client’s needs.

réseau d’aqueduc

If you view the 360 photo on a mobile device, there will be a few seconds delay.

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