Sewer System - Camera Inspection

Can-Explore uses a closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera to inspect storm water and sanitary sewer systems. Our engineering team recommends optimum solutions based on the project’s specific needs. The number one goal in all projects is to effectively collect data, process them appropriately and promptly produce the inspection reports.

Inspection according to applicable standards

Reliable and accurate data collected

Comprehensive report rapidly produced

Standards and Reports

Can-Explore inspects sewer systems after they are installed or repaired. These inspections are certified according to the Pipeline Assessment and Certification Program (PACP) and therefore comply with standards (BNQ 1809-300 and BNQ 3680-125) developed by the Bureau de normalisation du Québec (BNQ). 

All reports produced by Can-Explore after the inspection meet current standards. These reports provide a clear picture of the operational and structural condition of the sewer system and serve to make recommendations for corrective work. 

Can-Explore uses the Can-Ex Technologies innovative solutions that enable it, among other things, to produce reports meeting all industry standards. 

Our equipment includes various types of cameras to inspect and diagnose the working condition of storm and sanitary sewer systems, according to needs.

réseau d’aqueduc

Robotic closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera (100 mm and +)

Telephoto lens camera

Drain camera (50 mm to 200 mm)

Standards for cameras

Extract from: Standardized technical specifications
BNQ 3680-125/2013 | Television Inspection of Sewer Pipes and Manholes (This standard is available in French only)

  • Be designed for inspection of sewer pipes and manholes;
  • Be able to detect colours;
  • Be equipped with a digital zoom to magnify by 312, including magnification of the optical zoom;
  • Have a motorized pan-and-tile scanning module;
  • Have a telephoto lens with a 360° pan-and-tilt control device, enabling the visualization of the full surface of sewer pipes and manholes;
  • Allow the inspection of a sewer pipe with a diameter less than 200 mm;
  • Have a lighting system not exceeding the diameter of the sewer pipe to be inspected, so as to take a clear image with the maximum optical zoom capacity;
  • Have a viewing distance of 25 metres in a sewer pipe with an inside diameter of 250 mm ;
  • Have a resolution equal or greater than 420 lines.

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