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Legal Surveying

Legal surveying includes all services necessary to determine the boundaries and measurements of private or public property. This information is required for the sale, purchase, and financing of real estate or for new developments.

The land surveyor is tasked with taking measurements and performing surveys to help avoid disputes and protect the rights and interests of property owners.

Legal surveying operations must be carried out by a land surveyor and are defined in Section 34 of the Land Surveyors Act.

Why would you need to hire a land surveyor?

  • I need a more recent certificate of location.
  • I’m planning major land development (industrial park, subdivision, etc.).
  • I want to know if my land is located on a flood plain.
  • I want to sell or subdivide my land.
  • I’m selling or refinancing my property.
  • I want to buy a property.
  • I want to create a condominium.
  • I want to create a servitude (a legal right to use a portion or an entire property for specific purposes, to the benefit of another property).
  • I’m involved in a dispute and want to know the boundaries of my property.
  • I want to extend my property.
  • I want to build on my property (house or main building, swimming pool, garden shed, garage, etc.).
Certificat de localisation, sceau d'un arpenteur-géomètre
Arpenteur-géomètre et station totale

Land surveyors are essential allies in the world of real estate and land development, providing services to businesses, institutions, industries, and individuals alike.


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Services offered by land surveyors

Certificate of location

A certificate of location includes a plan and a report describing all the characteristics of a property, including boundaries, existing structures, servitudes, and real rights.

Location plan

A location plan shows the location of a property, its boundaries, and other details according to the project.

Layout plan and layout certificate

A layout plan shows the exact location of a future building, taking into account the boundaries of the land on which it is planned. A layout certificate is the physical representation of the layout plan using markers as reference points, which are used to carry out the work.

Cadastral operation and subdivision

A cadastral operation consists of creating or updating the cadastral plan of a property. This official plan, which contains up-to-date and accurate information concerning that property, is then sent to the cadastre, i.e., the public land registry. As for subdivision, it is the process of dividing a property into several distinct lots.

Staking Certificate

A staking certificate is a plan, which may or may not be accompanied by a report, that certifies the location of property boundaries according to the survey. Its purpose is to support the land surveyor’s opinion as to the location of a property’s boundaries.

Levelling process and topographic plan

The levelling process and topographic plans indicate a property’s elevation variations while also providing information on the presence of watercourses, vegetation, and other relevant topographic features.

Rental Space Certificate

A rental space certificate consists of a plan and a report, the latter showing the exact dimensions and areas of rental space in commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings.

Technical description

A technical description consists of a plan and a report describing the boundaries of one or more parcels of land.

Land survey

A land survey is a report containing all legal, technical, and physical information gathered by the surveyor.

Technical survey

A technical survey is a report containing all the technical information gathered by the surveyor, including plans, measurements, cartographic or geospatial data, topographic surveys, and technical drawings.

Spatial planning

Do you have a land development project in mind? Land surveyors possess all the necessary skills to characterize the area and help you decide whether your project is feasible based on constraints and environmental data.

Want to learn more about the services offered by our land surveyor? Contact us to find out how he can help you with your projects.

Increased precision for better decision-making

There is more to land surveying than simply operating various survey tools. Surveyors are highly skilled professionals who operate in accordance with the rules and regulations set forth by the Ordre des arpenteurs-géomètres du Québec (OAGQ) and whose work is crucial in validating the implementation of a project on a plot of land. Can-Explore’s land surveyor provides us with vital information, allowing us to operate with fewer and fewer risks.

State-of-the-art tools

Land surveyors master a wide range of technological tools, enabling them to achieve greater speed, precision, and efficiency:

  • Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), which can determine positions anywhere on the earth’s surface.
  • Total stations, which measure both angles and distances.
  • LiDAR-type laser scanners, which take billions of measurements over a study area and project them in a 3-D environment.  
  • Drones that provide high-resolution aerial imagery.


Our surveyors are licensed by the Ordre des arpenteurs-géomètres du Québec (OAGQ).

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