BIM - Building Information Modeling

As a whole, building information modelling (BIM) process makes it possible to create and document building and infrastructure projects. With BIM, our team integrates and compiles information according to a specific theme. Whether you need BIM to plan, design, build or operate a building or infrastructure, BIM takes care of creating smart data that can be used throughout a project’s life cycle.

Design and Documentation

Information Modelling

Creation of Smart Data

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We work with architects to support them in their decisions, such as increasing building performance, scanning and analyzing existing buildings, or seeking effective collaborative means.

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We work with engineers to help them oversee their inspection projects, by creating scatter plots and various related analyses, and also to develop new projects.

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We work with contractors to get renovation or new building projects underway, including implementing or supervising excavation work, and also supervising all kinds of construction.

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BIM Uses


Take advantage of accessible data through BIM to make more informed decisions.

Civil sector

Use intelligent workflow systems, connected to help improve predictability, productivity and profitability.


Have a digital representation of your building site and connection project information, from design to building to delivery.


Improve the design quality of mechanics, electricity and plumbing (MEP) and collaborate in real time to support the project delivery process.


Manage the design and building of pipe systems, structures and smart processes in a more collaborative and effective manner throughout the project’s life cycle and during the transfer.


Discover how structural design software help you gain new business opportunities and support project delivery.

Reduce risks, improve quality and deliver projects that meet deadlines and budgets.


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