Sewer System - Pipe Flow Measurement

Can-Explore has both the necessary equipment and expertise to measure pipe flow in storm and sanitary sewer systems. Depending on the mandate and type of flow, our team adapts its flow measurement methods to ensure it gets quality data.

Quality data collection

Context-based analysis

Efficient and accurate results

Flow Measurement

The flowmeters most often used by our experts are those based on height and velocity. The flowmeter measures flow velocity by the Doppler effect whereby a pressure sensor installed on another sensor to obtain a water column height measurement. These two parameters combined with the pipe’s geometry make it possible to determine pipe flow.

Flow measurements can be used in various contexts:

  • When assessing the flow of extraneous water in a sanitary sewer system. In this situation, the precipitation measured using a rain gauge is very important for analyzing pipe flow. By measuring the intensity of precipitation, we can determine the impact of rain on flow in the sanitary sewer system.
  • When measuring flow in dry weather on a sewer pipe, either before and after the pipe is rehabilitated or replaced. 
  • When calibrating a hydraulic model of a sewer system and overflow structures.

Pumping System

Storm Drainage System


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