Our Backstory

The beginnings

Can-Explore is the result of the perseverance, determination and hard work of two friends, Louis and Olivier who, when in university, became particularly interested in municipal infrastructure. They saw an opportunity to modernize inspection work by using the latest technology.

From the beginning, their youth, enthusiasm and innovative approach to work set them apart. When a problem came up and they didn’t have the answer, they found it. Their diligence, the quality of their work, the strength of their team and the satisfaction of clients have always been their top priorities, so much so that at one point their catchphrase was “We might lose money, but we won’t lose face!”

arpentage de construction

Watch out! Off we go!

Then came the time when they won large mandates. Three major clients in the Gaspé region helped them spread their wings. Louis and Olivier are still grateful to this day for getting this first chance. They will certainly never forget them!

Since then, Can-Explore has become one of the leaders in this industry. “Our ease with new technologies enables us to guide our clients more efficiently, which is beneficial for their organization. We offer them structure and infrastructure inspection services that use state-of-the-art technologies.

Notre raison d’être

Our raison d’être is clear – revolutionize the civil engineering world with the most advanced technologies. How? By combining mechanical engineering and software programming. Our unique methods, primarily based on artificial intelligence, enable engineering firms, municipalities, contractors, companies and government corporations to properly plan and carry out maintenance, repair or replacement work on their infrastructure.

From infrastructure to geomatics, with structures and buildings in between, we push the boundaries of innovation day after day!”

Volumétrie | Drone | UAV | Méthode traditionnelle | station GPS et station totale | Modélisation 3D | Production de plan tel que construit | Relevé de berge | Numérisation | Photogrammétrie par drone | Surveillance des mouvements de structure | Suivi évolutif de chantier | Bathymétrie | TQC | Tel que construit


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